About Us

The digital revolution has brought upon the exponential growth of misinformation. We are here to structure the unstructured, and to bridge the data and information gap ahead of the ASEAN Economic Community 2025.

Our Mission

Digital Media Nusantara is driven by the belief that disruptive innovation is the solution to bridging the data and information gap in Southeast Asia; and in turn amalgamating Southeast Asia’s capital markets. 

We are dedicated to delivering real value to our customers via analytics and insights through our premium products and services to enable informed decision making and value creation.

Our History

Digital Media Nusantara was an idea conceived by our founder Rohan Ramakrishnan whilst in INSEAD at the inception point of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in ASEAN.

Through a value network of family, friends, alumni and close associates, this idea evolved into a project and now into a reality.

Still in its early stages, the stable of brands today have a global reach of 10 million people, monthly engagement levels breaching 5 million with a consumer base across 900 Southeast Asian cities.

Senior Government Leaders, Diplomats and Heads of Multilateral Organisations and Multinational Corporation form part of the digital consumer base along with the regions Youthful populace. 

Our Commitments

Educating and keeping informed a global citizenry focused on the developments shaping the future of the fastest growing region in the world is our truest commitment. With an approach to provide impartial, unbiased insights and commentary together with a purist agenda.

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